Urban Land Institute

The ULI has granted its annual award for the best new open space to Klyde Warren Park, a freeway cap park in Dallas.
Oct 28, 2014   Urban Land Institute
The Urban Land Institute proposes the blending of solutions in housing and public health as a method of increasing the resilience of cities threatened by natural disasters of all kinds.
Sep 6, 2014   Urban Land Institute
'America 2013', a report released this week by the Urban Land Institute, presents the results of a nationwide survey on housing, transportation, and community preferences. Demographic trends indicate a continued demand for city living.
May 16, 2013   Urban Land Institute
While the housing market showed signs of improvement last year, economists are now confident that a recovery is underway. Housing currently adds 13 percent to the nation's economic growth, but is this a good thing?
Feb 1, 2013   Urban Land Institute
An Urban Land Institute panel of experts has delivered a vision for how to revitalize the historic Rose Bowl and its environs.
Feb 11, 2012   Urban Land Institute
Osaka, Shanghai, and Tokyo are considered top Asia Pacific cities in terms of real estate investment and development prospects, according to Emerging Trends in Real Estate Asia Pacific 2007, just published by the Urban Land Institute.
Oct 5, 2006   Urban Land Institute
Local authorities in the UK are responsible for around £130 billion of real estate. Arguably, this asset base represents the largest untapped resource in local government.
Aug 6, 2006   Urban Land Institute
These ten principles, part of a report from the Urban Land Institute, will help you determine how to 'rethink' existing mall developments as well as provide guidance when new shopping malls are being developed.
Aug 3, 2006   Urban Land Institute
The Urban Land Institute publishes a "Global Urban Agenda", which highlights issues discussed at ULI’s World Cities Forum, 2005.
Dec 9, 2005   Urban Land Institute
ging suburban fringe development should focus less on regulation and more on education.
May 29, 2005   Urban Land Institute
This is the sixth in a series of publications designed to dispel myths and offer good examples related to growth and land use.
Mar 28, 2005   Urban Land Institute