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In a close ruling, the Supreme Court decided the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency had not properly considered the costs of new regulations limiting mercury and other emissions.
Jun 29, 2015   Associated Press
Legal actions have been brought against more than a dozen Amish residents in Wisconsin and New York for building structures in their traditional style, but without building permits.
Dec 21, 2008   Associated Press
Somalian pirates are creating a booming economy of caterers, luxury cars, and high-end chefs in the northern coastal towns of the impoverished country. "The pirates depend on us, and we benefit from them," said one shopkeeper.
Nov 20, 2008   Associated Press
The Environmental Protection Agency has not done enough to control pollution from stormwater runoff in urban areas, according to a report from the National Academy of Sciences.
Oct 20, 2008   Associated Press
Officials in Mexico are looking to crack down on rampant police corruption with an unlikely carrot: mortgages.
Oct 7, 2008   Associated Press
Foreclosures and economic hardships have caused a proliferation of tent cities across the U.S.
Sep 21, 2008   Associated Press
<p>A jury has awarded a poor rural Ohio neighborhood populated mostly by African Americans nearly $11 million, having determined that racist motives lay behind the water authority's decades-long refusal to supply water to the community.</p>
Jul 13, 2008   Associated Press
<p>Freight trains already face serious traffic on the nation's network of rails. If nothing is done, insiders project disaster in the near future.</p>
Jun 1, 2008   Associated Press
<p>The American Lung Association has released its 2008 State of the Air report, which ranks cities with the worst air pollution.</p>
May 2, 2008   Associated Press
<p>Responding to the growing backslash against cell phone chatter, the city of Graz, Austria has banned cell phone use on its public transit system.</p>
Apr 20, 2008   Associated Press
<p>Recent reports are highlighting the dire effects climate change will have on transportation infrastructure.</p>
Mar 13, 2008   Associated Press