Atlanta Business Chronicle

The city of Atlanta is moving forward with a plan to upgrade the world's busiest airport to "Airport City" status.
Dec 29, 2014   Atlanta Business Chronicle
Some would argue that introducing streetcars to auto-oriented streets is a recipe for collisions. Drivers in Atlanta are already having trouble mixing with streetcars, before the system even launches.
Nov 25, 2014   Atlanta Business Chronicle
AT&T is predicting a growth market for wholesale customer relationships with car manufacturers.
Oct 1, 2014   Atlanta Business Chronicle
A redevelopment project in Doraville, outside of Atlanta, is touted as potentially of catalytic significance for the region, thanks in part to the location of a MARTA station next door.
Sep 22, 2014   Atlanta Business Chronicle
In a significant first, the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority is seeking ideas for developing the air rights above four urban rail stations.
Sep 16, 2014   Atlanta Business Chronicle
While many transit agencies around the country have increased fares in recent months to deal with budget deficits, Atlanta's MARTA has reported good financial news and has even proposed a 2015 budget that expands rail service.
Jun 6, 2014   Atlanta Business Chronicle
<p>Unable to compete with the large supply of inexpensive homes in the city's outer suburbs, Atlanta's in-town neighborhoods will suffer most from the current mortgage crisis, says study.</p>
Nov 30, 2007   Atlanta Business Chronicle
<p>An Atlanta city councilwoman is trying to launch an affordable-housing program based on leveraging homes abandoned due to the mortgage-lending crisis.</p>
Jul 30, 2007   Atlanta Business Chronicle
Increased demand for water in the metropolitan Atlanta area is forcing the Atlanta Regional Commission to look to South Carolina and Tennessee for additional supplies.
Jun 6, 2006   Atlanta Business Chronicle
Accusations and lawsuits between designers and airport officials may delay the redesign of Georgia's international airport terminal by years.
Sep 4, 2005   Atlanta Business Chronicle
Atlanta developers are scrambling to meet the growing demand for mixed-use development. Do they really know what they're doing?
Jun 6, 2005   Atlanta Business Chronicle