Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Pittburgh's Mellon Arena, known to locals as "The Igloo," is facing an unsure fate. Preservationists want to save the structure, but others imagine demolishing it and replacing with a new neighborhood.
Jan 24, 2010   Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Maglevs that operate at lower-speeds and shorter-distances in and around urban settings seem to be gaining popularity.
Jul 6, 2003   Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Parris Glendening, former governor of Maryland, and now a leading national Smart Growth advocate, warns about adverse impacts of urban sprawl.
Jun 9, 2003   Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
The new $370 million David L. Lawrence Convention Center on the banks of the Allegheny River is the world's largest green building.
May 26, 2003   Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Land-use expert Randall Arendt says while many cities have comprehensive plans that aim for conservation, they have zoning laws that promote development and sprawl.
Oct 25, 2001   Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Michael Beyard, senior resident fellow with the Urban Land Institute, said that downtowns may be able to provide retailers with new markets.
Feb 5, 2001   Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Pittsburgh officials seek to prevent the conversion of vacant lots into parking facilities.
Dec 7, 2000   Pittsburgh Tribune-Review