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The public is getting a chance to respond to the idea of building a bus rapid transit line along a heavily traveled corridor between Pittsburgh and Oakland to the east.
May 10, 2015   Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Pittburgh's Mellon Arena, known to locals as "The Igloo," is facing an unsure fate. Preservationists want to save the structure, but others imagine demolishing it and replacing with a new neighborhood.
Jan 24, 2010   Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
This piece from the <em>Pittsburgh Tribune-Review</em> looks at the rising amount of wildlife being seen in urban Pittsburgh. According to local experts, this trend has both good and bad implications.
Nov 4, 2008   Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
<p>A six-month moratorium on new billboards has been passed by the Pittsburgh City Council as it struggles to formulate a policy for brightly lit LED signs.</p>
Apr 2, 2008   Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
<p>Tribune-Review columnist Bill Steigerwald interviews economic Randal O'Toole about his new book, "The Best-Laid Plans: How Government Planning Harms Your Quality of Life, Your Pocketbook, and Your Future."</p>
Nov 5, 2007   Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
<p>The City of Youngstown, Ohio has decided to give up on reviving its industrial era population, and set about the process of shrinking the city down to a size more in line with its economy.</p>
Jan 24, 2007   Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
<p>The city has several new high-rise condo projects on the way, but with prices out of reach of many workers, some wonder if there's enough of a market to bring more people downtown.</p>
Jan 4, 2007   Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
<p>Architects, builders and preservationists met in Pittsburgh to discuss ways to get federal guidelines for historic structures to play nice with green building principles.</p>
Nov 5, 2006   Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Grace Dobush urges the city of Pittsburgh to preserve its old-world charm.
Jun 29, 2006   Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Designed to stop sprawl and preserve farmland, two state tax breaks to farmers are actually fueling further expansion. Much 'farmland' is already developed, yet still gets write-offs.
Jul 14, 2004   Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Prague, in Central Europe, with 1.2 million residents, has succeeded in developing and preserving its historic center.
Aug 27, 2003   Pittsburgh Tribune-Review