The Onion

The satirical news site The Onion is back with another take on the concerns of planners and transportation engineers. This time The Onion takes a page out of Donald's Shoup playbook.
Oct 10, 2014   The Onion
<p>The recent housing slump is now showing its face in the "creepy mansion" market, where sales have plummeted, according to this article from <em>The Onion</em>.</p>
Jun 13, 2008   The Onion
<p>Facing a tight budget, officials in California have found an innovative way to mix uses and save money -- by combining a zoo and a prison into one efficient facility.</p>
May 16, 2008   The Onion
<p>A lot of power comes with the title of County Surveyor. Lucky for the people of Wayne County, Maryland, elected county surveyor Robert Pelaski vows not to let this awesome power get to his head.</p>
May 2, 2008   The Onion
<p>The nation's gentrified neighborhoods are threatened by new trend.</p>
Apr 4, 2008   The Onion
<p>This <em>Onion TV</em> news segment highlights Chinese pride in the country's status as the world's top producer of air pollution</p>
Mar 28, 2008   The Onion
<p><em>The Onion</em> reports on an innovative new infrastructure plan from DOT: self-cleaning special lanes for reckless drivers.</p>
Mar 14, 2008   The Onion
<p>In this article from <em>The Onion</em> a New York man wandering through town suddenly finds himself in a very Chinese part of town.</p>
Feb 29, 2008   The Onion
<p>The Onion reports on the miraculous transformation of a run-down neighborhood in Detroit, thanks to the installation of a towel-sized, $150.00 plot of grass.</p>
Feb 15, 2008   The Onion
<p>The satirical newspaper <em>The Onion</em> lists some dubious water conservation strategies being contemplated in American cities.</p>
Jan 11, 2008   The Onion
<p>This article from <em>The Onion</em> looks back at the infrastructure problems that defined 2007, asking what they signify for the country.</p>
Dec 21, 2007   The Onion