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Take everything you know about the design and planning of Silicon Valley's corporate offices—but replace tech with pancakes.
Oct 23, 2015   The Onion
This article from <em>The Onion</em> looks at the Environmental Protection Agency's increasing frustration with a global environment that is not playing its part in environmental protection.
May 14, 2010   The Onion
Audio advertisement from The Onion highlights how the new magazine "Demographer Today" will present data about people for people interested in data about people.
Apr 1, 2010   The Onion
The Department of Transportation has released a new report urging drivers to combat traffic congestion by honking -- a method estimated to relieve 90% of traffic.
Aug 21, 2009   The Onion
The Onion reports on the "window-shattering ceremony" officially opening Detroit's newest slum, a neighborhood designed with the "latest in high-risk, hopelessly impoverished housing options."
May 15, 2009   The Onion
This piece from <em>The Onion</em> presents the incredibly simple solution to the nation's economic troubles: build more houses.
Apr 3, 2009   The Onion
The Onion reports on an "area man" whose decision to live in his parents' basement looks like a wise move.
Dec 26, 2008   The Onion
<p>This just in from The Onion.</p>
Aug 1, 2008   The Onion
<p>The Onion reports on a study showing that a vast majority of Americans want further investments in public transit so everyone else can get off the road and make their drive faster.</p>
Jul 5, 2008   The Onion
<p>The recent housing slump is now showing its face in the "creepy mansion" market, where sales have plummeted, according to this article from <em>The Onion</em>.</p>
Jun 13, 2008   The Onion
<p>Facing a tight budget, officials in California have found an innovative way to mix uses and save money -- by combining a zoo and a prison into one efficient facility.</p>
May 16, 2008   The Onion