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Amid heavy political pressure, a plan to build a new expressway between Chicago's suburbs and Indiana backed by Gov. Pat Quinn and the Illinois Department of Transportation was dealt a significant defeat by Chicago's regional MPO this week.
Oct 9, 2013   Daily Herald
Officials in DuPage County, Illinois are considering creating zoning tailored specifically at banning large religious facilities that they say are not in keeping with neighborhood character.
Feb 28, 2011   Daily Herald
Overlays allowing granny flats and customized zoning for unique development situations meet needs, reduce excessive regulations, promote affordable housing.
Jul 30, 2005   Daily Herald
A study commissioned by officials in Ogden , UT, concludes a gondola system would be cheaper than a light rail line.
Oct 12, 2004   Daily Herald
Cristina Van Valkenburgh will lead the planning services team for the Chicago suburb of Naperville.
Jan 15, 2004   Daily Herald
Ugly architecture, misuse of trees, and bad zoning are some of the mistakes found in America's suburbs says nationally known author James Howard Kunstler. [Link updated.]
May 11, 2003   Daily Herald
Builder donates profits on teardown project to homeless charity.
Mar 10, 2003   Daily Herald
For those of you who just can't wait for that beer on the golf course...
Feb 28, 2003   Daily Herald
Circuit court sides with the municipality's not allowing vinyl siding on historic mansion
Feb 20, 2003   Daily Herald
Refrigerators, microwaves, aroma therapy , and other ew technologies to comfort, soothe, and entertain you while you are stick in congested traffic.
Dec 11, 2002   Daily Herald
There has been plenty of discussion in the international development community about low-cost housing. Now a new concept emerges -- low cost cities.
Nov 26, 2002   Daily Herald