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A publicly available web tool allows access to maps that overlay environmental impacts and the populations they impact (or the populations that manage to avoid such impacts, for that matter).
Jul 23, 2015   Smithsonian Magazine
As plans to build a major dam on the Amazon River edge closer to breaking ground, locals in nearby communities worry about the inevitable changes to come.
Mar 12, 2011   Smithsonian Magazine
Freshwater resources are running out and being overused -- a global crisis that can be seen in the declining flows of the Colorado River.
Sep 22, 2010   Smithsonian Magazine
With the next World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics on their way, Rio de Janeiro is in the midst of a vast citywide regeneration campaign.
Sep 11, 2010   Smithsonian Magazine
<p>As racial tensions erupt across France, the diverse city of Marseille has remained calm. Many look to it as a model for the future of an increasingly ethnically-mixed France and Europe.</p>
Dec 12, 2007   Smithsonian Magazine
<p>An extensive tunnel system exists beneath the city of Paris, playing a major infrastructural role, but also serving as an interesting tourist attraction and look at the underbelly of the historic city.</p>
Nov 18, 2007   Smithsonian Magazine
Since 1970, Paolo Soleri's project for a 'lean alternative' to sprawl through high-density anti-consumerism has failed to destroy the America suburb.
Jun 24, 2004   Smithsonian Magazine
A new exhibition centered around a two-story house opens at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History.
May 22, 2001   Smithsonian Magazine
Ghost towns may be bad for economic development, but they make for great photographs.
May 22, 2001   Smithsonian Magazine
The Smithsonian takes a look at transit planning in Atlanta and Los Angeles. A new simulation program will be available to planners soon.
Mar 28, 2001   Smithsonian Magazine
The Los Angeles Conservancy's Modern Committee fights to save 1950s "Googie" architecture scorned by traditionalists.
Nov 27, 2000   Smithsonian Magazine