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The Economist introduces the concept of the streetcar in America—its history and its recent revival—before laying the arguments in support of, and against, the role of streetcars in urban revival.
Aug 16, 2014   The Economist
<p>Mumbai is on the verge of becoming the second-biggest city in the world. But to get there, redevelopment will require the displacement of thousands, if not millions.</p>
Aug 31, 2007   The Economist
<p>Cerritos, California, has become one of the more successful suburbs of Los Angeles by applying superb management techniques.</p>
Aug 23, 2007   The Economist
<p>Improvements in public services and rising wages are fostering the creation of a prosperous middle class in many Latin American countries.</p>
Aug 17, 2007   The Economist
<p>In Damascus, plans to build an eight-lane highway through the middle of what is one of the oldest Arabian cities in the world have upset locals and historians.</p>
Aug 7, 2007   The Economist
<p>In southwest China, one municipality is trying to usher in a new modern age by encouraging rural residents to move into urban areas. The flood may create one of the most populous cities in the world, but many rural migrants are hesitant to move.</p>
Jul 29, 2007   The Economist
<p>Demographic trends are shifting all over the world, leading scientists to believe that the global population may soon peak and decline. Demographers argue that how countries and regions handle the decline will be critical in the long-term.</p>
Jul 28, 2007   The Economist
<p>The once "model city" that promised good jobs and inexpensive housing now offers clog roads, poor schools and rising crime.</p>
Jul 27, 2007   The Economist
<p>San Francisco is experiencing a resurgence of high-tech businesses and wealth similar to what was seen during the dotcom boom. But this time around, the city's recovery from the bust of the dotcom era has a much different character.</p>
Jul 13, 2007   The Economist
<p>With interest in alternative vehicles growing, a historical look at the fate of one electric bus company 100 years ago.</p>
Jul 12, 2007   The Economist
<p>Operators of the emerging high-speed rail lines in Europe are joining forces to improve the way European travelers move around the region. Some hope the partnership could increase competition between rail and low-cost airlines.</p>
Jul 6, 2007   The Economist