Business Wire

HECA, the Hydrogen Energy California project, will do much more than burn H2 to produce 300 megawatts of emission-free electricity. This U.S. Dept. of Energy-backed project will store (sequester) carbon underground in Kern County's oil fields.
May 13, 2012   Business Wire
Peter S. Rummell, CEO of The St. Joe Company, outlines a vision for the development of new real estate products based on a concept he calls 'the New Ruralism'.
Jun 5, 2005   Business Wire
The majority of better paying jobs in America's poor inner cities goes to commuters as opposed to local residents.
Nov 16, 2004   Business Wire
The Polynesian Island of Niue has launched the world's first free nation-wide WiFi Internet access service, available to residents and tourists.
Jun 25, 2003   Business Wire
Sixty-six organizations in 40 states have been awarded New Markets Tax Credits by the U.S. Treasury's Community Development Financial Institutions.
Mar 20, 2003   Business Wire
A U.S. company has been selected to build South Korea's $12.5-billion massive 'New Songdo Intelligent City'.
Mar 26, 2002   Business Wire
Real estate investment prospects are expected to decline in major metropolitan areas in 2002. Who will be left standing?
Nov 1, 2001   Business Wire
A new technology office complex in Silicon Valley will offer the ultimate in work environments. It's a throw-back to college.
Jun 30, 2001   Business Wire
Perhaps the largest single concrete pour in history took place at Los Angeles' Howard Hughes Center.
Feb 5, 2001   Business Wire
The Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce has sued the City of Santa Monica for restricting parking in a commercial shopping district.
Nov 24, 2000   Business Wire