New Rules Project

A national survey of independent businesses found that those in communities with an active "buy local" campaign experienced significantly stronger revenue growth in 2010 compared to those located in areas without one.
Feb 1, 2011   New Rules Project
Although overall household driving is down, the number of miles families log for shopping continues to climb, according to new federal data.
Jun 3, 2010   New Rules Project
Wal-Mart and an Ohio developer run a successful campaign to overturn a Vermont town's local ordinance governing large-scale retail stores.
Apr 8, 2005   New Rules Project
A bill to tax large-scale retail stores draws surprisingly broad support.
Aug 1, 2003   New Rules Project
Wal-Mart must convince six neighboring communities to approve its plans for a giant supercenter in a rural township.
Apr 22, 2003   New Rules Project
Dozens of communities have enacted zoning ordinances that restrict the physical size of new retail stores.
Dec 25, 2001   New Rules Project
Commentators from The Washington Post and New Republic debate racism as part of Washington D.C.'s gentrification.
Jun 28, 2001   New Rules Project
The New Rules publishes two sample ordinances from Kansas City restricting chain store development.
Mar 25, 2001   New Rules Project
The Home Town Advantage reports on efforts to stop chain store development and has published its January, 2001 issue.
Jan 23, 2001   New Rules Project
A new bimonthly bulletin is dedicated to reporting on efforts nationwide to stop chain store proliferation and support locally owned businesses.
Nov 23, 2000   New Rules Project