Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Wisconsin state transportation officials have settled on a plan to expand the I-94 freeway in Milwaukee—instead of building a double deck freeway through a cemetery the plan is too widen the freeway without disturbing an human remains.
Feb 19, 2015   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
<p>A measure that would have increased funding for Milwaukee-area commuter transit was recently voted down, fueling a push for neighboring cities to break away and form their own transit agencies.</p>
Nov 20, 2007   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
<p>The state of Wisconsin has plans to use $4 million in federal transportation grants to encourage students to walk or bike to school. Much of the work will focus on improving road conditions to convince parents that walking or biking is safe.</p>
Sep 5, 2007   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
<p>City and county officials in Milwaukee are reviving efforts to create a regional transportation system. But officials are moving ahead cautiously to avoid the mistakes that halted similar plans in the past.</p>
Aug 14, 2007   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
<p>A recent editorial defends the City of Milwaukee's slow pace regarding the redevelopment of the Park East corridor -- a prime area of downtown real estate reclaimed from a demolished freeway spur.</p>
May 13, 2007   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
<p>Legislation up for consideration in Wisconsin looks to make it easier for towns in the state to legally change their municipal status to avoid being annexed. The bill hopes to reduce the amount of cross-town border disputes incited by annexations.</p>
Mar 26, 2007   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
<p>The wide range of housing prices in a Milwaukee suburb -- offering affordability for all -- is no accident.</p>
Dec 21, 2006   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
<p>The new site, the latest in a growing number of online tools used to cultivate investment, allows companies to research demographics, find vacant parcels, and identify business assistance programs.</p>
Dec 14, 2006   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Faux finials and bogus balconies are just a few of the unsightly details defacing some newer buildings in Milwaukee.
Aug 16, 2006   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Why should the big spenders have a monopoly on architecturally distinctive dwellings?
Jul 20, 2006   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
A once maligned housing style is returning into fashion.
Jul 2, 2006   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel