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Gov. Scott Walker's transportation secretary is proposing a four-part tax, fee, and transfer plan to raise $750 million over the next two years. It would lower the gas tax while adding a wholesale sales tax and charge EVs and hybrids an annual fee.
Nov 23, 2014   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Over the past 14 years, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron have experienced an unprecedented drop in water levels, and many fear they won't be coming back. In a multi-part series the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel explores the causes and implications.
Aug 2, 2013   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Protesters in Wisconsin are trying to reverse governor-elect Scott Walker's opposition to stimulus-funding for high speed rail projects -- $810 million that the government would have paid the state.
Dec 16, 2010   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
The fate of a proposed high speed rail corridor between Chicago and Milwaukee remains uncertain, but if plans do go ahead, Madison may be left out.
Nov 30, 2010   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
The Midwest has high hopes on capturing a big chunk of the federal stimulus money directed towards high speed rail projects.
Feb 28, 2009   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
<p>To deal with the problem of vacant big-box stores that have proliferated across the country, one Milwaukee suburb is levying a fee on developers to help pay for demolition. Other cities are exploring similar options.</p>
May 19, 2008   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
<p>Light rail vehicles aren't as green one might think, and cities that really want to lower carbon emissions might want to take a harder look at new hybrid-electric buses, argues a recent column.</p>
May 12, 2008   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
<p>Condo developers in Milwaukee are responding to the slowdown in the housing market by slowing down development.</p>
Jan 1, 2008   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
<p>A measure that would have increased funding for Milwaukee-area commuter transit was recently voted down, fueling a push for neighboring cities to break away and form their own transit agencies.</p>
Nov 20, 2007   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
<p>The state of Wisconsin has plans to use $4 million in federal transportation grants to encourage students to walk or bike to school. Much of the work will focus on improving road conditions to convince parents that walking or biking is safe.</p>
Sep 5, 2007   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
<p>City and county officials in Milwaukee are reviving efforts to create a regional transportation system. But officials are moving ahead cautiously to avoid the mistakes that halted similar plans in the past.</p>
Aug 14, 2007   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel