Las Vegas Sun

Has the power and influence of Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh spoiled the good intentions of the Downtown Project in Las Vegas?
Feb 25, 2014   Las Vegas Sun
A new report claims pollution from coal-burning power plants could be cutting Rocky Mountain snowfalls by as much as 50%. Without water, the success of the West could be its own undoing.
Jul 22, 2004   Las Vegas Sun
Henderson's desire for a neighborhood-based development exposes the boomtown's lack of city context.
Jul 13, 2004   Las Vegas Sun
Claiming that water problems won't slow growth, Sin City bets on expansion over sustainability. Some experts think the city will come up snake-eyes.
Jun 10, 2004   Las Vegas Sun
Low funding and attempts to gut environmental rules are blocking the Transportation Equity Act.
Aug 23, 2003   Las Vegas Sun
A businessman proposes high-rise student housing for the Univ. of Nevada, Reno on a part of the city's oldest cemetery.
Jun 5, 2003   Las Vegas Sun
The Las Vegas Monorail is the world's first free public transportation system to be funded entirely by the private sector.
Aug 30, 2001   Las Vegas Sun
Las Vegas' Strip offers pedestrian-friendly areas for tourists, but residents are forced to drive.
Aug 24, 2001   Las Vegas Sun
County planners are advocating land-use designations for the Las Vegas Valley that would help stem the tide of housing and commerical developments.
Jul 19, 2001   Las Vegas Sun
Officials chasing federal money to onstruct a high-speed, magnetically propelled train between Las Vegas and Anaheim, California, say powerful friends in Congress are keeping their bid alive.
Jun 22, 2001   Las Vegas Sun
City officials will be review several proposals during the next few weeks to determine the amount of funds the city is prepared to invest in downtown development.
Jun 5, 2001   Las Vegas Sun