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Has the power and influence of Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh spoiled the good intentions of the Downtown Project in Las Vegas?
Feb 25, 2014   Las Vegas Sun
This article looks at what the end of sprawl will mean for Las Vegas.
Mar 3, 2009   Las Vegas Sun
Residents of one Las Vegas community fear being evicted as an urban renewal project goes underway. According to this article, projects like this often hurt neighborhoods by destroying the social ties they once contained.
Dec 18, 2008   Las Vegas Sun
<p>The Bureau of Land Management has reversed course on a proposed moratorium on the construction of solar projects on public land.</p>
Jul 3, 2008   Las Vegas Sun
<p>This article from the <em>Las Vegas Sun</em> asks whether siting two blatantly different architectural styles right next to each other is necessarily a bad thing.</p>
May 27, 2008   Las Vegas Sun
<p>Home to the bright lights and elaborate signage of Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada, may revise an ordinance to more effectively regulate the bright signs and displays that illuminate the Las Vegas Strip and other parts of the county.</p>
Sep 6, 2007   Las Vegas Sun
<p>An 18 million square-foot hotel and commercial resort in Las Vegas is set to become the largest LEED-certified project in the U.S. when it opens in 2009. Other builders are expected to follow the green path in Nevada, where tax breaks are generous.</p>
Jan 25, 2007   Las Vegas Sun
Construction begins on Las Vegas' new $1.8 billion Cosmopolitan Resort & Casino, a mixed-use high rise towering over 600 feet on the strip.
Oct 27, 2005   Las Vegas Sun
The informal Las Vegas 'urban growth boundary' just keeps getting pushed further back.
Oct 10, 2005   Las Vegas Sun
Municipalities show little interest in Bureau of Land Management's program to make land available at discounted rates for affordable housing.
Nov 30, 2004   Las Vegas Sun
Three billion dollar project in Vegas emphasizes living spaces and other nongambling features.
Nov 15, 2004   Las Vegas Sun