Chicago Sun-Times

Mayor Rahm Emanuel proposed a plan that would save $250 million for schools and city operations at the cost of one of the city's most powerful funding mechanisms.
Jul 16, 2015   Chicago Sun-Times
As the new school year starts, Chicago Public Schools yellow buses will be upgrading to new technologies including GPS, mobile data terminals (MDT), and adding hybrid buses.
Sep 1, 2009   Chicago Sun-Times
Earlier this year, The City of Chicago handed over control of their parking meter enforcement to a private company. A watchdog group is suing, saying the city didn't have a right to lease the public's streets.
Aug 20, 2009   Chicago Sun-Times
Where are all the trains? Chicago suburbs worried about an expected increase in freight trains due to the CN purchase of a rail spur through their backyard, but that worry has not materialized after the acquisition.
Aug 4, 2009   Chicago Sun-Times
Cities produce more CO2 per acre, but much less per person than other types of living, according to a new study by The Center for Neighborhood Technology.
Jun 22, 2009   Chicago Sun-Times
More Chicago area residents are riding transit when compared to figures form 2003, and they're riding more often.
May 1, 2009   Chicago Sun-Times
The Chicago Transit Authority is cracking down on 'continuous riders', people who sleep or hang out in the subway through the winter nights to keep warm. Advocates worry the crackdown will hurt the homeless.
Dec 10, 2008   Chicago Sun-Times
What do you get when you designate a carpool lane on a toll road for hybrids and carpoolers? A 'green' lane, say Illinois planners. However, they still pay the toll. Now add a "HOT lane overlay" to it - solo drivers can use it for a 'premium'.
Oct 17, 2008   Chicago Sun-Times
<p>Transit officials in Chicago are calling on the city to rebuild its historic streetcar system. Rails still exist on many streets, but city officials are leaning away from streetcars and towards bus rapid transit.</p>
Jun 24, 2008   Chicago Sun-Times
<p>Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is looking to make his city's streets safer for cyclists by raising fines for reckless drivers who endanger bikers.</p>
Feb 8, 2008   Chicago Sun-Times
<p>Chicago struggles to overcome its battle with "food deserts" -- areas in the city with little or now access to groceries.</p>
Nov 11, 2007   Chicago Sun-Times