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Harvard University

Affordability problems are escalating even as the housing market cools, according to a new report published by Harvard's Joint Center for Housing Studies. House prices will continue to appreciate in 2006.
Jun 20, 2006   Harvard University
Sprawl is not the result of explicit government policies or bad urban planning, but rather the inexorable product of car-based living.
Jul 23, 2003   Harvard University
Since 1997, home price gains have exceeded income gains in 48 of the 50 largest metropolitan areas.
Jun 30, 2003   Harvard University
Harvard program helps create homeless shelters, low-income rental housing and home ownership programs for middle-income residents.
Mar 3, 2003   Harvard University
Four new studies on housing in Chicago, Boston, and San Diego examine the changing racial landscape based on 2000 Census data.
Jun 4, 2002   Harvard University
While this Harvard Business School article addresses "communities of practice", many of the lessons are applicable to physical community-building.
Mar 29, 2002   Harvard University
An award program administered by the Ford Foundation and Harvard University recognizes innovation in government programs. Several urban planning efforts are recognized.
Oct 23, 2000   Harvard University