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Affordability problems are escalating even as the housing market cools, according to a new report published by Harvard's Joint Center for Housing Studies. House prices will continue to appreciate in 2006.
Jun 20, 2006   Harvard University
New York has been remarkably successful and it remains the nation's premier metropolis. Edward L. Glaeser evaluates what accounts for New York's rise and continuing success in this academic discussion paper.
Oct 17, 2005   Harvard University
Aside from climate, education may be the most powerful predictor of urban growth.
Aug 21, 2005   Harvard University
New York has been remarkably successful relative to any other large city outside of the sunbelt and it remains the nation's premier metropolis. What accounts for New York’s rise and continuing success?
Aug 15, 2005   Harvard University
A graduate course makes students put aside preconceptions and discover the realities of local urban environments.
Dec 10, 2004   Harvard University
A high-profile interdisciplinary graduate planning workshop introduces a unique range of topics about the built environment.
Oct 29, 2004   Harvard University
The housing industry is well positioned for another strong decade according to the latest report from the Harvard Joint Center For Housing Studies.
Jun 17, 2004   Harvard University
An Ivy League university converts its entire fleet to biodiesel and starts its own filling station.
Mar 14, 2004   Harvard University
The population density of Paris is about three times that of Boston. If Boston's population were tripled, would it would become another Paris?
Feb 9, 2004   Harvard University
The authors of this academic article challenge conventional wisdom regarding the economic inefficiency of recent urban development patterns.
Aug 12, 2003   Harvard University
Is there really a housing crisis? If so, what can we do about it?
Aug 8, 2003   Harvard University