Smart Growth America

The Core Values: Why American Companies are Moving Downtown report, released on June 18, 2015, provides in-depth analysis of a powerful trend of companies investing in urban downtowns.
Jun 19, 2015   Smart Growth America
Tom Madrecki has compiled a roundup of how local land use and transportation related measures fared on Tuesday night. From Maine to Marin, voters approved initiatives to invest in transit, parks, redevelopment, and conservation.
Nov 8, 2012   Smart Growth America
Pittsburgh is smoothing over the residue of its industrial past, turning an abandoned railway into a waterfront park, Paige Miller reports.
Apr 6, 2012   Smart Growth America
Based on cost estimates data of 58 projects from 11 cities across the U.S., research shows that bicycle infrastructure creates more jobs per dollar spent than projects that focus exclusively on road infrastructure.
Jul 1, 2011   Smart Growth America
<p>A new survey from Smart Growth America notes that three-fourths of Americans think improving public transportation is a better long term solution than building roads.</p>
Oct 28, 2007   Smart Growth America
<p>New vehicle technology won't prevent global warming unless urban sprawl is curbed, argues a new book to be published by the Urban Land Institute.</p>
Sep 20, 2007   Smart Growth America
Designed for both broadcast and print journalists, this guidebook includes background information on the issues as well as numerous story ideas and annotated lists of sources and research materials.
Dec 8, 2005   Smart Growth America
A new guide, 'Choosing Our Community's Future' offers advice to citizens on how to plan better and 'tame' big box retailers.
Jun 24, 2005   Smart Growth America
The rapid consumption of land in the nation&#146;s fastest-growing large metropolitan areas could threaten the survival of nearly one out of every three imperiled species, according to the first study ever to quantify the impact of sprawling development on wil
Jan 12, 2005   Smart Growth America
Bush and Kerry would do well to make metropolitan policy a priority on the national agenda.
Oct 28, 2004   Smart Growth America
A new report finds longer commutes are increasing demand for walkable neighborhoods.
Oct 26, 2004   Smart Growth America