Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

At least some of a remarkable 49 percent drop in crime in a rough Pittsburgh is attributed to a new nonprofit-sponsored program designed to put slumlords out of business and get rid of their problem tenants.
6 days ago   Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Officials in Pittsburgh are hoping that expanding transit-oriented development will spur growth in struggling and decaying neighborhoods -- and they have the voter-approved legislation to help.
Jan 13, 2009   Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
An exhibit at the Carnegie Museum of Art offers an unbiased, "awestruck" exploration of America's suburbs.
Oct 8, 2008   Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Pittsburgh becomes first city in Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to hire a full-time bike/pedestrian coordinator.
Aug 14, 2008   Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
<p>Official sources show that Minnesota had been long diverting bridge repair funds to build new highways.</p>
Aug 5, 2008   Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
<p>Hiking and cycling traffic on the Great Allegheny Passageway has brought jobs and prosperity to small towns along the route.</p>
Jul 30, 2008   Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
<p>The Pittsburgh City Council is unanimously backing legislation to allow LEED-certified buildings to be taller and bigger than zoning ordinances would normally allow.</p>
Nov 19, 2007   Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
<p>The credit for Pittsburgh's recent honor of 'most livable city' goes not to big marketing or development initiatives, but the sum of a lot of small things that make the city and region a good place to live.</p>
Jul 16, 2007   Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
<p>As of late, how to best operate and maintain Pennsylvania's Turnpike has become a hot issue among the state's politicians. Will they ever agree on a solution?</p>
Jun 5, 2007   Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
<p>City planners in Pittsburgh broadened their conventional public participation process and worked with local kids to get their feedback and ideas about the new community plan for the South Side neighborhood.</p>
May 29, 2007   Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
<p>Though Americans are complaining about rising gas prices, demand has barely budged. And when adjusted for inflation and considered as a percentage of household spending, prices are still below the peaks in the 1970s and 1980s.</p>
May 24, 2007   Pittsburgh Post-Gazette