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<p>Officials in Africa have approved a plan to plant a "wall of trees" across the continent to prevent the southward spread of the Sahara desert due to winds and drought.</p>
Jul 10, 2008   Environmental News Network
<p>Cities around the globe are making a variety of green efforts, offering models for cities looking to capitalize on th benefits of environmental planning.</p>
Dec 19, 2007   Environmental News Network
<p>A recycling incentive program that awards households based on the amount of material they recycle has doubled the recycling rate in one city after just one week.</p>
Dec 4, 2007   Environmental News Network
<p>A new report warns that unless proper precautions are take, a plan to unite South American economies through transportation and infrastructure projects could result in widespread destruction of the Amazon rainforest.</p>
Oct 3, 2007   Environmental News Network
<p>What may be the world's largest sustainable development project is currently being planned in Libya. The project aims to boost the country's ecotourism along its Mediterranean coast and to protect its many archaeological sites.</p>
Sep 11, 2007   Environmental News Network
<p>The American Institute of Architects has released its list of the Top 10 Green Buildings in the U.S.</p>
Apr 25, 2007   Environmental News Network
<p>As 189 nations meet in Kenya to discuss climate change and rising sea levels, a group of scientists has released a report calling for nations to begin planning now for the devastating effects of rising sea levels, especially in coastal areas.</p>
Nov 14, 2006   Environmental News Network
Kennecott Utah Copper Corp., a multinational mining company, plans a new megasuburb twice the size of San Francisco, for a half-million residents. The development is planned on the largest piece of private-owned land in the U.S.
Apr 10, 2006   Environmental News Network
Chinese government officials are developing the the '11th Five-Year Plan' to redirect policy from growth for growth's sake to a more sustainable model that would emphasize an 'all-around well-off society'.
Oct 8, 2005   Environmental News Network
In spite of technological growth, the world is even less safe from natural disasters. While some blame the population explosion, others blame developers who misuse the land and resources.
Sep 10, 2005   Environmental News Network
The Public Policy Institute of California projects the greatest need will be in the Sacramento, San Joaquin, San Bernardino and Riverside counties.
Aug 3, 2005   Environmental News Network