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NPR presents the BEA's Real Personal Income for States and Metropolitan as Infographic
May 22, 2014   National Public Radio
<p>Nancy Solomon reports that due to increased demand Amtrak may increase service along urban lines in its northeast corridor.</p>
Jan 23, 2007   National Public Radio
<p>This audio report from NPR describes "smart elevator" technology that is slowly moving its way into the U.S. in places like elevator-dependent New York City. These new elevators group passengers into different elevators based on their destination.</p>
Jan 13, 2007   National Public Radio
<p>EPA is expected to issue a regulation for Yucca Mountain, Nevada -- the proposed site for a massive nuclear waste repository -- that will extend one million years into the future. A universal warning sign that will last 10,000 years is selected.</p>
Nov 30, 2006   National Public Radio
The Shops at Evergreen Walk creates a community gathering place, with fewer scary teenagers, among high-end retail shops.
Sep 2, 2006   National Public Radio
A new book from Columbia University Professor Lance Freeman documents the changes of two African-American communities in New York City.
Aug 4, 2006   National Public Radio
Despite a still tenuous political situation, this war-battered region in the Northern Caucasuses of Russia is beginning to show signs of life.
Aug 4, 2006   National Public Radio
All Things Considered's Ann Murray reports on Easton, Pennsylvania's revitalization strategy.
Jul 7, 2006   National Public Radio
Proponents say cul-de-sac streets provide safety and serenity. Opponents say they are isolating and ironically dangerous to the children they purport to protect. This key American-Dream icon is increasingly in the crosshairs of progressive planners.
Jun 10, 2006   National Public Radio
A panel of experts will discuss the future of environmentalism, and the need to avoid the "I Have A Nightmare" mentality, today from 11am to 12pm PST on National Public Radio.
Apr 18, 2006   National Public Radio
National Public Radio covers the success of Glenwood Park, a new urbanist development in car-dependent Atlanta.
Apr 13, 2006   National Public Radio