San Gabriel Valley Tribune

The public comment period has ended on one of Southern California's most persistent planning controversies—a proposal to connect the I-710 Freeway between Pasadena and Alhambra. The current plan calls for a long underground tunnel.
Aug 25, 2015   San Gabriel Valley Tribune
Electric cars are expected to play a key role in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions caused by the country's transportation system. Recent trends around the country indicate increasing adoption of the technology.
Oct 27, 2014   San Gabriel Valley Tribune
Vehicle-miles-traveled fees made inroads with a potential "no-fee" pilot program in California and a new academic study in Michigan concluding that the state should adopt them. VMT fees may even get some attention in the MAP-21 Reauthorization.
May 20, 2014   San Gabriel Valley Tribune
Eric Jacobsen, author of 'Sidewalks in the Kingdom: New Urbanism and the Christian Faith,' likens New Urbanism values to Christian values.
Jun 29, 2005   San Gabriel Valley Tribune
Proposed expansion of the Adirondack quarry operations worries opponents who fear loss of quality of life.
Oct 2, 2000   San Gabriel Valley Tribune
Kansas City, north is growing; "city leaders,planners and residents say this may be the last chance for the city to get it right with smart growth."
Oct 2, 2000   San Gabriel Valley Tribune