For anyone who has ridden in a high-speed train, the idea of a derailment is terrifying. Last week's crash of an Alvia train in Spain made such fears seem less irrational. Yonah Freemark examines whether high-speed rail is a safe mode of travel.
Jul 28, 2013   CNN
CNN profiles the "Air Pod", a tiny three-wheeled vehicle that runs on compressed air [Video]
Dec 15, 2010   CNN
Two artists have teamed with a favela in Rio de Janeiro to use bright colors to re-frame the slum as a more vibrant area.
Nov 20, 2010   CNN
The nonprofit urban planning group SHIFTboston has unveiled the results of their competition to imagine a lunar city that might be feasible by 2069 [slideshow].
Nov 19, 2010   CNN
Officials in Finland are building a nuclear waster storage facility that is designed to last for at least 100,000 years.
Nov 13, 2010   CNN
Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood recently warned incoming Republican governors in Wisconsin and Ohio that dedicated stimulus funds must be spent on high-speed rail or returned, CNN reports.
Nov 11, 2010   CNN
Aerial photographs by photographer Christoph Gielen turn sprawl into beautiful, abstracted images.
Nov 9, 2010   CNN
The human-powered monorail concept Shweeb recently gained a huge boost from a $1 million investment from Google, but urban thinkers question the relevance of the unusual transportation system.
Oct 13, 2010   CNN
CNN's Richard Quest takes an incredulous look at the changes brewing in Los Angeles as downtown revitalizes and the city densifies.
Oct 10, 2010   CNN
New Jersey governor Chris Christie has cancelled a proposed $8.7 billion tunnel under the Hudson connecting his state with New York City.
Oct 8, 2010   CNN
Manufacturing jobs have increased 1.6% since the beginning of the year, twice as fast as other job types. Could manufacturing return to U.S. cities?
Sep 28, 2010   CNN