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A new study shows that a great many working class Americans are unable to purchase their own homes.
Aug 10, 2005   Yahoo! Newswire
Four pilot projects will develop bicycle and pedestrian trails to encourage commuters to give up driving to work.
Aug 8, 2005   Yahoo! Newswire
Housing prices were a major factor in determining this year's list, ranging from Seattle to Los Angeles.
Jul 26, 2005   Yahoo! Newswire
Some say bikes are a practical solution in a city that has seen repeated transit disruptions since the July 7th bombings.
Jul 23, 2005   Yahoo! Newswire
A recent study finds that walking on cobblestone streets offers health benefits.
Jul 15, 2005   Yahoo! Newswire
In a narrow decision, the Supreme Court has ruled that cities may seize homes for any development purpose.
Jun 25, 2005   Yahoo! Newswire
As people buy larger cars and trucks, cities try to balance the rights of property owners who want to build huge garages with their neighbors' concerns.
Apr 21, 2005   Yahoo! Newswire
Archaeologists have begun excavations of what is believed to be an ancient city that was uncovered by the Dec. 26 tsunami.
Feb 19, 2005   Yahoo! Newswire
A study suggests that pollution from cars may mutate genes and increase the risk of cancer in babies.
Feb 16, 2005   Yahoo! Newswire
By running cars, buses, trucks, and ships on hydrogen, a country aims to be entirely oil-free by 2050.
Jan 13, 2005   Yahoo! Newswire
Each 300,000-dollar apartment occupying an entire floor in this unusual 11-storey apartment bulding can turn independently offering 360-degree views.
Dec 17, 2004   Yahoo! Newswire