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Alaskans agreed, but not by much, with Gov. Sean Parnell and not former Gov. Sarah Palin that oil companies needed to pay less taxes if they are to boost oil production. Voters rejected a tax referendum that was on Tuesday's ballot to repeal SB 21.
Aug 25, 2014   FOX News
In response to the widening threat of climate change, the United Nations will release a note of suggestions that propose a dramatic change in global economic relations, tarriffs, and taxes, according to this piece from <em>Fox News</em>.
Mar 28, 2009   FOX News
<p>A list of the least and most dangerous cities in the United States as ranked by the research and publishing company Morgan Quitno Press.</p>
Oct 30, 2006   FOX News
Bill O'Reilly, Host of the popular O'Reilly Factor television show, calls the housing industry 'corrupt' in an interview with Donald Trump. The National Association of Home Builders prepares to strike back.
Sep 30, 2005   FOX News
Controversy surrounds planned Muslim enclave in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Aug 31, 2004   FOX News
Adding to his popular culture credentials, architect Frank Gehry will guest-star as himself on the animated TV series The Simpsons.
Jul 21, 2004   FOX News
A new law being considered in King County, WA, will restrict residents from building on more 10 percent of their land.
Jul 2, 2004   FOX News
Former HUD Secretary Mel Martinez will run for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate.
Jan 6, 2004   FOX News
Anti-sprawl activists criticize a study that suggest that curbing immigration -- not planning and zoning -- is the solution for urban sprawl.
Sep 8, 2003   FOX News
Nearly one in five pedestrians killed in traffic accidents is the victim of a hit-and-run crash.
Apr 22, 2003   FOX News
Even though mass transit has a good record of safety following 9/11, some say security arrangements are inadequate.
Sep 13, 2002   FOX News