Business Week

Despite all odds, “Miami’s roller coaster real estate market is booming again” reports Nadja Brandt. Is "the hottest [residential] real estate market in the U.S." primed to boil over?
Nov 22, 2012   Business Week
Frequent Rider Miles, on-line tickets and on-board wi-fi are but a few of the amenities and cost cutting strategies that are attracting riders to inter-city bus travel.
Sep 22, 2008   Business Week
<p><em>Business Week</em> looks at a recent list of the best cities for design in America.</p>
Jul 1, 2008   Business Week
<p>China's booming cities have a lot to teach western architects, planners, and urban policy makers, says professor Thomas J. Campanella.</p>
Apr 24, 2008   Business Week
<p>The urban shift in demographics is not just a problem for planners.</p>
Mar 10, 2008   Business Week
<p>The best way to improve automobiles is to improve cities, according to this article from <em>Business Week</em>.</p>
Feb 21, 2008   Business Week
<p>Despite its plentiful oil reserves, the Arabian emirate of Abu Dhabi is planning and developing some green cities that will be able to operate without the power of oil.</p>
Dec 16, 2007   Business Week
<p>Subway construction and expansion is being seen in cities across the world.</p>
Dec 14, 2007   Business Week
<p>Subways are proliferating across the globe as metro status symbols and attracting new forms of urban investment.</p>
Dec 9, 2007   Business Week
<p>After a growing number of complaints against its presence in one of China's most significant historic and cultural sites, the chain decides to close its doors.</p>
Jul 17, 2007   Business Week
<p>New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg views citizens as customers and city workers as assets. How does this translate into a new city hall transparency and vastly improved city services?</p>
Jun 20, 2007   Business Week