Inman News

A real estate industry insider website publishes it's annual report of the real 100 most influential people in real estate and who will "help real estate recover in 2012."
Jan 3, 2012   Inman News
A recent study finds a correlation between a neighborhood's walkability and its home values.
Aug 18, 2009   Inman News
Columnist and architect Arrol Gelner comes to grips with the end of the automobile era.
Sep 3, 2008   Inman News
An innovative 'video magazine' profiles Lockhart Steele, a real estate blogger from New York.
Aug 23, 2005   Inman News
Atlanta, Ga., leads the country with more sprawl than any other place in the U.S., according to SprawlCity.
Oct 7, 2003   Inman News
In Tijuana, Mexico, thousands are eager to trade up for 460-square-foot starter houses.
May 13, 2003   Inman News
New Jersey governor to give local jurisdictions power to halt development.
Apr 4, 2003   Inman News
The nation's largest real estate franchise, is calling for the National Association of Realtors policing real estate listings on the Internet.
Mar 5, 2003   Inman News
Real estate news service Inman News recaps their funniest stories from 2003.
Dec 20, 2002   Inman News
Inman News lists what Realtor association’s strategy folks fret about.
Nov 30, 2002   Inman News
Old-line businesses have regulations that protect their turf.
Nov 2, 2002   Inman News