National Geographic

While we won't live to see it, humanity's carbon emissions could one day melt all of the ice on Earth. National Geographic's interactive map shows how the world's coastlines would change when sea levels rise 216 feet. Say goodbye to Florida.
Nov 8, 2013   National Geographic
Every day 1,500 new homes rise along the U.S. coastline. National Geographic asks, "Are America's coastlines are in danger of being loved to death?"
Jul 12, 2006   National Geographic
National Geographic Magazine publishes a feature-length profile of Frederick Law Olmsted's impact of America's urban plarks.
Feb 23, 2005   National Geographic
A National Geographic cover story illustrates the signs and impact global climate change with compelling photographs.
Sep 1, 2004   National Geographic
National Geographic Traveler reports on the reactions by communities to it's first-ever 'Index of Destination Stewardship'.
Jul 12, 2004   National Geographic
New technology holds the promise of a breakthrough environment-friendly fuel. Or it could be a red herring.
Sep 11, 2003   National Geographic
A ski town in an environmentally spectacular region debates the impact of an airport expansion.
Sep 7, 2003   National Geographic
Walt Disney World Resort in Florida contains one of the world's largest public gardens.
Sep 3, 2003   National Geographic
Is President Bush's 'Healthy Forests' intiative a sound environmental strategy or a 'smoke screen' for the logging industry? A national expert comments.
Aug 18, 2003   National Geographic
Should wildlife resources be separated and protected from humans? Conservationist David Western believes he has the answer.
Aug 6, 2003   National Geographic
City's unrivalled collection of over 2000 huge public murals including what is considered the longest mural in the world is threatened by graffiti, pollution, and neglect.
Jul 18, 2003   National Geographic