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Joe Eaton reports from Bainville, Montana, which is suffering the effects of the Bakken oil boom, although the majority of the Bakken wells, and its corresponding tax revenue, are in North Dakota.
Jul 12, 2014   National Geographic
Advances in material development have brought to the market a new type of concrete that can bend under pressure and heal cracks with the addition of water.
May 7, 2009   National Geographic
This piece from <em>National Geographic</em> looks at how green roofs are sweeping across the tops of buildings all over the world.
Apr 21, 2009   National Geographic
Anthropologists have discovered traces of highly organized and gridded cities in the Amazon rainforest dating back to the 1200s.
Aug 31, 2008   National Geographic
<p>This article from <em>National Geographic</em> looks at the construction boom that is rapidly changing the face of Beijing.</p>
Apr 18, 2008   National Geographic
<p>This article from <em>National Geographic</em> looks at the increasing strain on the water supplying the western U.S.</p>
Jan 21, 2008   National Geographic
<p>National Geographic launches a new green cities blog called The Ecopolitan, written by Jay Walljasper, Senior Fellow of the Project for Public Spaces, and Executive Editor of Ode magazine.</p>
Dec 26, 2007   National Geographic
<p>Competing ancient claims to land, religious fervor and the construction of a massive "security" wall make Bethlehem the most contested city on Earth.</p>
Dec 25, 2007   National Geographic
<p>As the Central American country moves forward with plans to expand the width of its heavily-used canal, locals and scientists question whether a reforestation plan along canal banks will affect the area's supply of drinking water.</p>
Jul 10, 2007   National Geographic
<p>Plans to build a dam on the Nile River have incited protests, outrage, and even violence as Sudanese villagers demonstrate their opposition to a project that would flood them out of their ancient homeland.</p>
Jun 21, 2007   National Geographic
<p>Walt Disney's utopian dream forever changed Orlando, Florida, and laid the blueprint for the new American metropolis.</p>
Feb 26, 2007   National Geographic