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Gov. Brown, a former AG who filed many lawsuits to protect the environment, sided with a renewable energy producer in a lawsuit to stop a huge solar thermal power project in the Mojave Desert on behalf of the threatened desert tortoise.
Jul 24, 2011   Environmental News Service
At the Midwest High Speed Rail Summit today in Chicago, an agreement was struck between eight states to work cooperatively to achieve Recovery Act funding to develop the Chicago Hub High Speed Rail Corridor - also called the Midwest corridor.
Jul 29, 2009   Environmental News Service
In what may prove to be a fundamental shift in sustainable resources, a new international coalition is poised to direct trillions of dollars into markets linked to climate change, clean technology and sustainable use of natural resources.
Dec 1, 2005   Environmental News Service
Concord, the crucible of the American Revolution quietly struggles with its legacy as the maker of depleted uranium slugs for the U.S. military's latest wars.
Mar 12, 2004   Environmental News Service
U.S. and Canada have had success at improving local environments -- but at what cost?
Aug 19, 2002   Environmental News Service
State parks across the United States are facing serious threats from encroaching development and a lack of political commitment to preserving them.
Aug 30, 2000   Environmental News Service