Pasadena Star-News

An editorial favors one local city's approach to mansionization over another's. When will they ever learn?
Oct 9, 2015   Pasadena Star-News
On a recent walking tour of Pasadena, California, noted architect Léon Krier didn't mince words over his disapproval of the cityscape and modernism in general.
Nov 24, 2009   Pasadena Star-News
The California State Senate has approved a bill that grants a proposed stadium project in the City of Industry an exemption from the CEQA process.
Oct 15, 2009   Pasadena Star-News
<p>Last year, Sierra Madre voters passed Measure V, which placed strict limits on the size of downtown developments, effectively killing a specific plan that was in process. Now, the city council is fighting over releasing the plan's unfinished EIR.</p>
Jul 30, 2008   Pasadena Star-News
<p>The city of Pasadena, California has enlisted a groups of more than 100 volunteers to walks and evaluate its streets to rate the city's walkability.</p>
Jan 22, 2008   Pasadena Star-News
<p>The city council has moved to allocate $8 million dollars to pursue five initiatives recommended by a team of consultants designed to increase the supply of affordable housing.</p>
Apr 26, 2007   Pasadena Star-News
As the Rail-Volution conference kicks off in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County is touted as "being at the forefront of a growing trend to building housing close to rail transit."
Sep 20, 2004   Pasadena Star-News
The Gold Line LRT, which connects central Los Angeles to Pasadena, has failed to meet predicted ridership levels. Yet rail authorities remain hopeful.
Jul 26, 2004   Pasadena Star-News
A "slow-growth" groups sues city over permits in Pasaden, CA.
Jun 21, 2004   Pasadena Star-News
The EPA will not pull $4.5 billion in regional transportation fundingif controversial 710 Freeway is not completed.
Aug 25, 2000   Pasadena Star-News