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Boulder, Colorado may be one of the most bike-friendly cities in the U.S., but that did not stop the City Council on Tuesday night from voting to remove the protected bike lanes on Folsom street and return the road to four lanes of vehicle traffic.
Oct 1, 2015   Daily Camera
When Colorado transportation officials sought an example of effective bus rapid transit to visit while developing a system of their own, they headed to an unexpected source.
Jul 6, 2011   Daily Camera
Looking to spur civic engagement, officials in Boulder, Colorado are experimenting with unusual incentives for attendees of city-sponsored meetings.
Oct 25, 2010   Daily Camera
The buying and selling of development rights heats up in Boulder County.
Jun 19, 2009   Daily Camera
Boulder's open space planners are calling for the intervention of different interest groups, including dog lovers, equestrians and hikers, to set rules for the city's most popular trails.
Jun 9, 2009   Daily Camera
U.S. architects and planners will help develop a masster plan for Kigali, the capital of Rwanda.
Jun 29, 2005   Daily Camera
There are almost 30 million Americans living within 10 miles of military sites slated for Superfund cleanup -- and the Bush Administration is passing the cost to clean up these contaminated bases to the affected communities.
Oct 31, 2004   Daily Camera
Bicyclists are calling for a bicycle expressway between Boulder and Denver.
Sep 27, 2000   Daily Camera
Boulder County buys 800 acres of open space for $3.5 million.
Sep 23, 2000   Daily Camera
Several Colorado town are taking steps to sidestep a new growth management proposal. Is democracy the answer?
Aug 30, 2000   Daily Camera
The Boulder, CO, Open Space Department barred genetically modified agricultural crops from city lands.
Aug 24, 2000   Daily Camera