<p>The editors of Planetizen have released their annual list of the best books in planning. Find out which titles made our must-read list for 2006.</p>
Nov 27, 2006   Planetizen
Should a University invoke eminent domain in its plans for expansion, asks Emily Schwarz in this week's Planetizen Op-Ed.
May 16, 2005   Planetizen
Recent attacks on New Urbanism reveal less about the movement's real flaws, and more about one line of deceptive attack, writes Michael Mehaffy in this week's Planetizen Op-Ed.
May 2, 2005   Planetizen
Assertions are surfacing that a Virginia Congressman is attempting to influence local planning issues in order to ensure that Democratic voters do not move in to his Republican district.
Apr 27, 2005   Planetizen
In this week's Planetizen Op-Ed, Marisa Cravens examines planning through the cinematic lens with a recent compilation of important planning movies.
Mar 31, 2005   Planetizen
Critical Mass, a monthly gathering of cyclists originally founded in San Francisco, has quickly become a worldwide phenomenon.
Feb 21, 2005   Planetizen
The current tsunami disaster should cause serious rethinking of seaside development for all coastal locations, writes Joel S. Hirschhorn in this week's Planetizen Op-Ed.
Jan 18, 2005   Planetizen
Jeff Speck offers ten 'City Design Resolutions' for city mayors who want to build better places.
Jan 10, 2005   Planetizen
The Planetizen 2005 List features the top 10 popular titles published in 2004.
Dec 21, 2004   Planetizen
Weblogs are helping the World Wide Web realize its potential, writes Planetizen editor Abhijeet Chavan.
Dec 16, 2004   Planetizen
Four transportation policy experts offer Planetizen readers a forward look at the federal surface transportation program.
Dec 6, 2004   Planetizen