Six days after one of Amtrak's worst derailments that resulted in the deaths of 8 passengers, service will resume on the Northeast Corridor, the busiest train route in the U.S. Amtrak #188 had accelerated to 106 mph as it entered a curve on May 12.
May 18, 2015   Planetizen
<p>The editors of Planetizen have released their annual list of the best books in planning. Find out which titles made our must-read list for 2006.</p>
Nov 27, 2006   Planetizen
How do we retrofit America's sprawl to prepare for a post-oil world? In this week's Op-Ed Wally Siembab proposes a strategy of "smart sprawl."
Aug 31, 2005   Planetizen
It turns out that the sky is not falling on cities, writes Carol Coletta in this week's Planetizen Op-Ed.
Aug 25, 2005   Planetizen
Ric Stephens has compiled a list of some of the wackiest &#150;- yet at timesquite realistic &#150;- urban planning words, in a vocabulary he has dubbed'Plannerese.'
Jul 26, 2005   Planetizen
Can inspiration for a socially-equitable solution to congestion charging be found in an ancient law that dispenses justice in a simple traffic conflict, writes Oded Roth in this week's Op-Ed.
Jul 19, 2005   Planetizen
The recent ruling by the Supreme Court to uphold the use of eminent domain was seen as an endorsement of professional planning. Bit this is not true, writes Sam Staley in this week's Op-Ed.
Jul 5, 2005   Planetizen
Will the new federal Highway Bill actually hurt America's highways?
Jun 21, 2005   Planetizen
Claims that the threat of gentrification are grossly exaggerated belie a fundamental misunderstanding of the real threat, writes Charles Shaw in this week's Op-Ed.
Jun 14, 2005   Planetizen
Should the social virtues of urbanism and new investment in cities get washed out in the hue and cry over gentrification?
Jun 6, 2005   Planetizen
What does the architecture of the Star Wars universe represent? In this week's Planetizen Op-Ed, Jack Skelley offers an analysis of the various archetypes on display in the latest Star Wars movie.
May 31, 2005   Planetizen