Ventura County Star

As plans progress in many large cities to cap their below-grade urban freeways, smaller cities, like Ventura, California, are looking to benefit from similar proposals.
Jul 12, 2012   Ventura County Star
Electeds and community leaders focus on solutions to traffic and housing affordability woes
Mar 27, 2005   Ventura County Star
If we want to improve our cities, we should start by throwing away the traditional municipal zoning code.
Mar 3, 2005   Ventura County Star
Ventura, California looks destined to become the new model for smart growth with the addition of another smart growth expert, Ann Daigle.
Jan 30, 2005   Ventura County Star
Two sales taxes for open space and transportation are defeated in Ventura, CA, despite popular support for the goals.
Nov 7, 2004   Ventura County Star
Beachfront town selects Rick Cole, former mayor of Pasadena and current city manager of Asuza, California.
Feb 24, 2004   Ventura County Star
Mountain House, CA, is "the newest new town of the new millennium."
Jul 3, 2003   Ventura County Star
Is affordable housing by lawsuit the next trend for California cities?
Jun 15, 2003   Ventura County Star
Under state law, counties and cities must devise new rules for so-called "second-dwelling units" to help ease the state's affordable housing crisis.
May 20, 2003   Ventura County Star
The Ventura County Grand Jury commended the city of Thousand Oaks for finding a place for day laborers to wait for work and offered some suggestions to improve the site.
May 15, 2003   Ventura County Star
Curtis P. Stiles and Joseph Anthony Perez provide a citizen's primer on recognizing and fighting sprawl in Ventura County, California.
Dec 2, 2002   Ventura County Star