Ventura County Star

As plans progress in many large cities to cap their below-grade urban freeways, smaller cities, like Ventura, California, are looking to benefit from similar proposals.
Jul 12, 2012   Ventura County Star
A new report takes a unique look at quality-of-life issues in the Golden State, measuring social well-being using health, education and income factors. The study concludes that the state is divided into 5 areas with different ecologies.
May 20, 2011   Ventura County Star
Gene Dunn, a 63-year-old resident of Ventura, California cuts weeds with his square shovel on public streets. City leaders would like to recruit an army of Gene Dunns.
Feb 28, 2011   Ventura County Star
Like anything 'free', it's difficult to make the transition to charging, especially when you are City Hall, but pay stations are on their way that will apply charges on the busier streets to 10pm or midnight while the parking garage will be 'free'.
Feb 1, 2010   Ventura County Star
Residents in an Oxnard neighborhood install a community garden which will provide them with fruits and vegetables.
Jun 16, 2009   Ventura County Star
Church officials in Ventura County, California, are challenging a decision barring them from expanding into protected open space, arguing that federal law allows them exemptions from zoning controls.
Dec 15, 2008   Ventura County Star
In Southern California, Ventura County has begun a Groundwater Enhancement and Treatment Program to increase its supply of local, affordable water.
Mar 30, 2006   Ventura County Star
Wendell Cox charges that Ventura County, CA's plans to promote alternative transit strategies over expanding highways is a "fairy tale" that will result in additional pollution and more traffic.
Feb 15, 2006   Ventura County Star
Architect and smart code expert Ann Daigle resigns suddenly from Ventura's planning department to join Andres Duany's CNU-sponsored rebuilding effort.
Oct 6, 2005   Ventura County Star
The City of Ventura, CA adopts an all-infill general plan, replacing it's previous plan from 1989.
Aug 9, 2005   Ventura County Star
Oxnard, CA, earns an award from the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department for its efforts to increase its supply of affordable housing.
Jun 30, 2005   Ventura County Star