Government Technology

Looking for the best examples of municipal websites? Look no further.
Oct 9, 2014   Government Technology
A comprehensive base-mapping project in Houston has grown from modest beginnings to a huge success.
Dec 5, 2000   Government Technology
Los Angeles has passed a resolution calling for open access to broadband cable Internet access.
Nov 26, 2000   Government Technology
VirginiaScan allows users to search an online database of the state's available sites and buildings.
Nov 19, 2000   Government Technology
Rapid expansion of telecommunication companies has many communities struggling to adapt their telecom land use policies.
Nov 10, 2000   Government Technology
Massive farms housing internet servers and networking equipment needed to sustain e-commerce are creating problems for "local jurisdictions forced to deal with the sudden spike in demand for power."
Oct 5, 2000   Government Technology
Rural consumers and inner city residents are being overlooked by Internet providers who are expanding their nationwide networks. What to do?
Sep 11, 2000   Government Technology
Forrester Research argues that early e-gov efforts have fallen short of private-sector accomplishments.
Sep 7, 2000   Government Technology
LaGrange, GA provided all of its 27,000 residents with free Internet access and telecommunications services.
Sep 1, 2000   Government Technology
North Carolina and Seattle beat out close to 200 state and local government entries in the sixth annual Best of the Web contest.
Aug 27, 2000   Government Technology
Does the Digital Age require us to redraw government boundaries or eliminate them entirely?
Aug 2, 2000   Government Technology