Government Technology

Seeking to maximize the power of the Internet to expand public outreach efforts, a plethora of engagement platforms have proliferated in recent years. Government Technology looks at five of the most promising new models of civic engagement.
Jul 2, 2013   Government Technology
The California Department of Transportation builds an innovative "transit portal."
Jun 21, 2001   Government Technology
An International court rules that an Australian city doesn't own the trademark rights to it's name.
May 21, 2001   Government Technology
San Diego's Operation Gatekeeper is using innovative technologies to stem the flow of illegal immigrants.
May 20, 2001   Government Technology
Portland and Seattle emerge as the most wired U.S. cities in Nielson's Net Ratings.
Apr 5, 2001   Government Technology
New regulations require all technology to be accessible to people with disabilities. What effect will this have on state and local governments?
Feb 26, 2001   Government Technology
A public-private effort in Silicon Valley has resulted in a new, homegrown e-permitting system.
Feb 25, 2001   Government Technology
Bell County, Texas has built an innovative Web-based GIS system to provide property and tax information.
Feb 12, 2001   Government Technology
Honolulu became the first known city to accept advertising on its website. Here's what other cities are saying...
Dec 14, 2000   Government Technology
Several new technologies initiatives are blooming in Virginia.
Dec 14, 2000   Government Technology
A comprehensive base-mapping project in Houston has grown from modest beginnings to a huge success.
Dec 5, 2000   Government Technology