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Government Technology

Looking for the best examples of municipal websites? Look no further.
Oct 9, 2014   Government Technology
<p>High technology and the Internet will have an increasingly broad impact on the way our cities and communities deal with transportation, traffic, and mobility, according to commentator John M. Eger.</p>
Aug 9, 2007   Government Technology
The group spearheading the Everglades restoration is seeking input from a variety of sources.
Sep 14, 2005   Government Technology
John M. Eger writes about how the Internet can help us rethink our cities.
Aug 24, 2005   Government Technology
The USGS begins publishing maps that show the probability of earthquake shaking in the next 24 hours in California.
May 21, 2005   Government Technology
The new web service offers citizens and contractors the ability to apply for and recieve multiple over-the-counter permits from multiple jurisdictions in a single transaction.
Oct 25, 2002   Government Technology
Internet-based geographic information systems (GIS) are proving to be a useful tool for reclaiming brownfield sites.
May 13, 2002   Government Technology
Six states have adopted laws to permit Segway use in places normally off-limits to motorized vehicles.
Apr 2, 2002   Government Technology
Census 2000 data is a wealth of information if you know where and how to look for it.
Sep 7, 2001   Government Technology
Legislation to limit the amount of pollution and energy used by data centers and telecom hotels may impact economic development.
Sep 4, 2001   Government Technology
Using the Internet and GIS together, local officials in Connecticut are learning how to control land use for future generations.
Aug 16, 2001   Government Technology