"Nine projects in California are making their way through the Bureau of Land Management's fast-track program which, if completed, will bring over 4,500 megawatts worth of generating capacity onto the grid."
Aug 16, 2010   CNET News
<p>The California Air Resources board is expected to approve a new propane-fueled engine this week, opening the door for an alternative fuel source for cars and trucks. Supporters say its also convenient because distribution channels already exist.</p>
Jun 10, 2008   CNET News
<p>Asphalt is a byproduct of oil production, and so is getting more expensive along with rising oil costs. A $5 million research project is looking for greener solutions.</p>
Jun 2, 2008   CNET News
<p>In a challenge to the popular Google Earth, Microsoft has released a new technology that allows users to view 3D models of cities.</p>
Nov 9, 2006   CNET News
New York City officials are looking at using wireless or some other technology to get the city's roughly 8 million citizens access to affordable broadband.
Dec 14, 2005   CNET News
Electronics companies urge Congress to adopt a uniform policy on electronic waste and recycling.
Sep 13, 2005   CNET News
Computer software written by a professor at Ohio State University can help ease traffic congestion.
Feb 28, 2003   CNET News
Columnist Charles Cooper argues that the Segway Human Transporter does not belong on city sidewalks.
Feb 24, 2003   CNET News
An insurance provider now covers the Segway Human Transporter.
Feb 20, 2003   CNET News
A Northern California town listed on eBay, the online auction website, sold for $1.78 million.
Dec 30, 2002   CNET News
The Segway Human Transporter, the much-hyped, high-tech scooter billed as the future of transportation runs into opposition in San Francisco.
Nov 20, 2002   CNET News