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Urban Land Magazine

Darnell Grisby makes the case for focusing on ridership and boardings (rather than travel time) and clarifying joint development rules to better facilitate transit oriented development and transit oriented communities.
May 15, 2015   Urban Land Magazine
Christopher Leinberger argues that the fundamental cause of the mortgage meltdown was a "structural shift in market demand" from low-density suburbs to walkable urban housing.
Feb 16, 2011   Urban Land Magazine
<p>From smaller residential projects to vast mixed-use developments, more and more architects are crossing over into development work, bringing a fresh perspective to the process.</p>
Dec 26, 2007   Urban Land Magazine
The Denver metropolitan area has been a model of regional cooperation, with municipalities and counties working together to improve infrastructure and accommodate growth.
Oct 4, 2006   Urban Land Magazine
The world's most successful cities are integrating approaches to social, economic, and environmental issues, as well as addressing governmental concerns.
Aug 4, 2006   Urban Land Magazine
It has been five months since Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast. Urban Land publishes a 24-page special report with an overview, recommendations, and essays from urban planners, local business leaders, developers, architects, and academia regarding the future of the Crescent City.
Feb 7, 2006   Urban Land Magazine
With ambience becoming more important than ever, the gathering place is beginning to replace the anchor.
Nov 18, 2005   Urban Land Magazine
Hollywood, California, is finding new life, new residents, and new business thanks to ambitious redevelopment plans.
Oct 10, 2005   Urban Land Magazine
Green building can make for a healthy bottom line.
Jul 4, 2005   Urban Land Magazine
The neighborhood is a building block for sustainable development.
May 6, 2005   Urban Land Magazine
Across the globe, the office building is becoming less isolated, less isolating, and more adaptable.
Apr 6, 2005   Urban Land Magazine