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<p>Hot technologies like blogs, mashups, YouTube, Flickr, and social networking are among the most notable of new Internet technologies that are collectively known as Web 2.0. These technologies offer great possibilities for planners.</p>
Apr 11, 2008   Planning Magazine
New state and local policies require that virtually all roads be built to serve all types of users.
May 25, 2005   Planning Magazine
Homeowners associations are growing in numbers and power.
May 10, 2005   Planning Magazine
The Supreme Court ponders whether New London, Connecticut, has gone too far.
May 9, 2005   Planning Magazine
APA has bestowed the 2005 Outstanding Planning Award for a Plan on The Queen City Hub: A Regional Action Plan for Downtown Buffalo.
Mar 22, 2005   Planning Magazine
Ask planners if they are involved in economic development in their community and often the response is "no" or "not really," when the answer ought to be "yes."
Feb 15, 2005   Planning Magazine
Richard Carson writes about his planning agency -- the Clark County, Washington Community Development Department -- used performance audits to reinvent itself .
Jan 15, 2005   Planning Magazine
How can project management help you bring in every project on time and under budget?
Oct 5, 2004   Planning Magazine
Recent graduates share their surprises after entering the working world.
Aug 27, 2004   Planning Magazine
To share construction and maintenance costs and reduce school crowding, many planners are working with school administrators to create mixed-use community schools.
Jul 30, 2004   Planning Magazine
The viability of a community is linked to its access and use of information and communications technologies. How are communities planning for technology?
Jul 6, 2004   Planning Magazine