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<p>Hot technologies like blogs, mashups, YouTube, Flickr, and social networking are among the most notable of new Internet technologies that are collectively known as Web 2.0. These technologies offer great possibilities for planners.</p>
Apr 11, 2008   Planning Magazine
<p>A new master plan for Los Angeles's Century City attempts to undo some of the shortcomings that typically plague Modernist master-planned edge cities. Its goals include walkability, greening, and a more appealing public realm.</p>
Mar 21, 2008   Planning Magazine
<p>Temporary, interim, or intermittent uses are part of a growing trend, evident both in Europe and the U.S., that creatively responds to new planning needs.</p>
Dec 28, 2007   Planning Magazine
We seem to be reluctant to identify our profession in clear, recognizable language, writes Eugenie Birch, FAICP, chair of the Department of City and Regional Planning at the University of Pennsylvania.
Sep 4, 2006   Planning Magazine
What does the newest base closing order mean for San Antonio? The Alamo City is nervous about losing more of its military installations.
Feb 14, 2006   Planning Magazine
Planning Magazine examines how cities are encouraging multifamily projects and higher densities.
Jan 5, 2006   Planning Magazine
Are 'New Markets Tax Credits' the vehicle to improve community and economic development in ways America has never seen?
Dec 2, 2005   Planning Magazine
In Sparks, Nevada, development handbooks are taking the place of traditional zoning.
Nov 4, 2005   Planning Magazine
Universities are revamping their college towns in an effort to stay competitive.
Sep 9, 2005   Planning Magazine
Olympia, Washington is facing the challenges of applying the latest wastewater technologies.
Jul 22, 2005   Planning Magazine
UCLA professor Donald Shoup inspires a passion for parking.
May 28, 2005   Planning Magazine