To create more active and economically healthy downtowns, cities are seeking development on parking lots.
Apr 12, 2014   Newsweek
Andrew Romano explores the ironic fate of the modest mid-century home in the cradle of modernist residential design, where a hot housing market imperils their existence.
Aug 17, 2013   Newsweek
Writing for <em>Newsweek</em>, George Will claims that the real reason that progressives are gung ho for high-speed rail is because it suppresses the individualism of Americans and makes them more subservient to government.
Mar 3, 2011   Newsweek
Scotia, California may be the nation's last remaining company town. The entire city could be headed to market this year.
Feb 21, 2011   Newsweek
High Speed Rail, regardless of how glamorous it appears to be, is nothing but a waste of money in the U.S., claims Robert Samuelson. If states want HSR, let them build it themselves without federal subsidy, he concludes as there is no national gain.
Nov 3, 2010   Newsweek
<em>Newsweek</em> picks the brains of architects to offer these visions of what the cities of New York and Los Angeles will look like in 2030.
Jul 22, 2010   Newsweek
SketchUp isn't just for urban designers- it turns out that it makes perfect sense to autistic children, giving them a tool that taps their skill at visual communication.
Nov 19, 2009   Newsweek
Extensive investments in rail are slashing travel times in China, and creating a vastly more connected and accessible country.
Oct 27, 2009   Newsweek
Joel Kotkin sees a trend in a 'New Localism'- people aren't moving around like they used to, and it's causing them to reengage with their communities.
Oct 13, 2009   Newsweek
George Will, fresh from denouncing denim as 'the infantile uniform of a nation', is disturbed to find that Ray LaHood has bought the Obama administration's beliefs in regards to mass transit, bicycling, and 'transformation'.
May 20, 2009   Newsweek
David McCullough's <em>Newsweek</em> essay ponders the negative effects of a proposed development on the majestic Brooklyn Bridge's image.
Apr 30, 2009   Newsweek