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LA's trendy Silver Lake neighborhood "is going through a full-blown, divisive identity crisis." Amid trendy boutiques and million dollar homes are bastions of poverty and crime. Activists are divided on how to define, let alone address, its problems.
Sep 26, 2013   LA Weekly
After almost a year of delays, the affordable-housing law may get heard in the Los Angeles City Council
Jun 3, 2005   LA Weekly
Andy Lipkis is perhaps the most important environmentalist in L.A. Now he wants to put his resources and group to use in an ambitious watershed project in Sun Valley.
May 11, 2005   LA Weekly
How long can the Santa Clara River Alliance keep the region's last 'wild' river intact?
May 10, 2005   LA Weekly
Development of the steep hillsides and valleys of 277,000-acre Tejon Ranch may displace and disrupt the recently reintroduced California condors.
Feb 18, 2005   LA Weekly
Los Angeles City Councilman Ed Reyes started his career in the Los Angeles Planning Department, and now wants to get rid of the the "zombies" in the planning department.
Nov 27, 2004   LA Weekly
Los Angeles' "starchitects" create trophy projects which are often disconnected from their urban planning context.
Jun 15, 2004   LA Weekly
Since Los Angeles's Bunker Hill was blighted and cleared 50 years ago, developers and architects have attempted to bring life back to the area, with Grand Avenue as its core.
Apr 21, 2004   LA Weekly
Wal-Mart's expansion into urban Los Angeles is led by an aggressive 'black cool' public relations campaign.
Mar 23, 2004   LA Weekly
J. Eric Priestley tells a story about gang confrontation on the nation's busiest and deadliest light-rail line.
Jan 24, 2004   LA Weekly
Ben Quiñones shares his observations about traveling on L.A.'s 'Ghetto Blue' -- the busiest and the deadliest light-rail line in the nation.
Jan 23, 2004   LA Weekly