LA Weekly

LA's trendy Silver Lake neighborhood "is going through a full-blown, divisive identity crisis." Amid trendy boutiques and million dollar homes are bastions of poverty and crime. Activists are divided on how to define, let alone address, its problems.
Sep 26, 2013   LA Weekly
<p>While encouraging the city's residents to embrace higher densities and public transit, many of Los Angeles's smart growth advocates live in single family homes and commute long distances in cars.</p>
Jun 10, 2007   LA Weekly
<p>Savvy real estate developers who can promote their projects as smart growth developments are attracting significant capital from public pension funds -- regardless of the actual merits of the project.</p>
Jun 7, 2007   LA Weekly
The waste generated from demolition, and the large floor space of many new eco-mansions, is an environmentally unfriendly result of the new green home trend.
Sep 18, 2006   LA Weekly
As Los Angeles' old neighborhoods are scrubbed clean and the city begins to embrace density, gentrification is threatening the way of life for residents in many communities.
Aug 24, 2006   LA Weekly
Hundreds of children are growing up in an area Police Chief Bratton refers to as the biggest social disaster in America.
Mar 16, 2006   LA Weekly
The state Public Utilities Commission creates the California Solar Initiative, but does it have enough power to popularize the alternative energy course?
Feb 3, 2006   LA Weekly
It's ironic that Los Angeles -- a city 'maligned as traffic-choked and strip-malled' -- is emerging as a model for sustainable urban design by focusing development on just 2% of the city's land.
Sep 25, 2005   LA Weekly
According to several sources, Los Angeles is one earthquake away from becoming a new New Orleans -- and they warn that local preparedness is imperative.
Sep 19, 2005   LA Weekly
Can LA's new mayor beat back the 'demons that have derailed L.A.&#146;s most ambitious transit plans' and build the rail system Los Angeles deserves?
Aug 22, 2005   LA Weekly
In a city famous for gangs, it's hard to imagine how a creek could improve life.
Aug 12, 2005   LA Weekly