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LA's trendy Silver Lake neighborhood "is going through a full-blown, divisive identity crisis." Amid trendy boutiques and million dollar homes are bastions of poverty and crime. Activists are divided on how to define, let alone address, its problems.
Sep 26, 2013   LA Weekly
A reporter goes undercover as a homeless person to find out what happens when the indigent pay a visit to L.A.'s first corporate-controlled public park.
Oct 24, 2008   LA Weekly
In an unlikely collaboration, tax payers and the Los Angeles Bus Riders Union have joined in opposition to a proposal that would raise L.A. County sales tax a half-cent to provide funding for public transit.
Aug 18, 2008   LA Weekly
<p>This article from <em>LA Weekly</em> looks at L.A.'s parks deficit and what some are trying to do to address it.</p>
Jul 21, 2008   LA Weekly
<p>Developers and politicians in L.A. are stealthily moving forward with plans to build a skyscraper in the heart of Hollywood -- a 40-story project that would tower high over existing development in the area.</p>
May 5, 2008   LA Weekly
<p>The city of Los Angeles is currently sitting on more than $130 million dollars intended to build parks. But those funds are tied to council districts high in development, leaving districts with little development high and dry.</p>
Mar 30, 2008   LA Weekly
<p>A look at the similarities between Los Angeles and Mexico City.</p>
Mar 11, 2008   LA Weekly
<p>This article from the <em>LA Weekly</em> looks at efforts by the city planning department and key politicians to increase the density of the city.</p>
Feb 29, 2008   LA Weekly
<p>Residents and city officials in L.A. battle over what to do with unused land surrounding the Silver Lake Reservoir.</p>
Feb 23, 2008   LA Weekly
<p>City planners -- hoping to get reluctant Angelenos out of their cars -- have put forth a proposal that would waive all parking requirements for developers whose buildings offered suitable transportation alternatives.</p>
Sep 4, 2007   LA Weekly
<p>The city is working hard to increase density, but with Angelenos firmly attached to their cars and the region's transit moving at a snail's pace, can smart growth really work in L.A.?</p>
Jun 11, 2007   LA Weekly