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The Wall St. Journal reviews the latest in smart technology for infrastructure, from vehicle infrastructure integration to smart utility meters.
Feb 18, 2009   Wall St. Journal
<p>The Wall St. Journal's David Patton tries a new hybrid-electric bicycle to see if it makes sense as a commute vehicle. </p>
Jul 21, 2008   Wall St. Journal
The Wall Street Journal looks at this "smart growth" thing, and considers the model of Sacramento, CA (actually, most of the footage is of neighboring Davis) in an article and accompanying video.
Jul 7, 2008   Wall St. Journal
<p>T.J. Kelly was finding it difficult to squeeze in exercise, and looking at his rising commute costs. A new co-worker helped him turn his commute into a workout.</p>
Jul 2, 2008   Wall St. Journal
<p>Artist Olafur Eliasson has installed a cascading waterfall directly under one of the towers of the Brookyln Bridge. In this excerpt, he reflects on the need for public space and the impact of art in public.</p>
Jun 29, 2008   Wall St. Journal
<p>Joe White, who reports on the auto industry in Detroit, steps out his car and reflects on the city's mixed history of transit. To get the full picture, he tries to ride the bus himself.</p>
Jun 27, 2008   Wall St. Journal
<p>With gas prices as they are, does it make sense to ditch your SUV and buy a hybrid? Count on the Wall St. Journal to break it down a discussion of your return on investment.</p>
Jun 5, 2008   Wall St. Journal
<p>Railroads are overcoming decades of resistance from environmentalists by touting their greener aspects.</p>
May 30, 2008   Wall St. Journal
Hurricane Katrinia was an 'unnatural disaster' if ever there was one, says Theodore Steinberg, an environmental historian.
Sep 4, 2005   Wall St. Journal
Some scientists believe that storms such as Hurricane Katrina that are sometimes called an act of God or a natural disaster, are partly man-made.
Sep 2, 2005   Wall St. Journal
When America's housing boom ends, it will end gradually, not like the stock market, says a Harvard scholar.
Aug 29, 2005   Wall St. Journal