Orange County Register

Just four percent of Irvine's Great Park has been built in six years, compared to an early estimation that it would be completed in 10. Now, it may take 20. And it's no one's fault, writes Jeff Overley.
Oct 8, 2011   Orange County Register
To be successul and vibrant, cities should have a sense of moral purpose, says Steven Greenhut.
May 23, 2005   Orange County Register
A key factor in toll road lease agreements is shifting risk from the public sector to sophisticated investors.
Apr 24, 2005   Orange County Register
New Urbanists don't demand to eliminate suburbia -- only to be able to build walkable and mixed-use communities.
Apr 19, 2005   Orange County Register
Steven Greenhut calls on citizens to oppose urban planners' "utopian" ideals of New Urbanism and Smart Growth before it is too late.
Apr 4, 2005   Orange County Register
Columnist Steven Greenhut explains why public transit will never replace the auto, and chastises planners trying to use transit for social engineering.
Feb 21, 2005   Orange County Register
East Coast-style "brownstone" townhomes begin to appear in Southern California.
Jan 28, 2005   Orange County Register
Columnist Steven Greenhut see the impact of smart growth in Bozeman Montana, and warns readers to "be afraid, be very afraid."
Nov 27, 2004   Orange County Register
As fuel efficiency has increased, gas taxes have declined. California considers an alternative tax on mileage rather than gasoline.
Nov 19, 2004   Orange County Register
Governor-elect of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger favors restoration of declining urban environments. His website criticizes "fiscally unsustainable sprawl" and promises new incentives revitalization of blighted areas.
Nov 11, 2003   Orange County Register
Millions of children in the U.S. are being raised by their grandparents; various groups and organizations speculate on causes.
Oct 21, 2003   Orange County Register