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Just four percent of Irvine's Great Park has been built in six years, compared to an early estimation that it would be completed in 10. Now, it may take 20. And it's no one's fault, writes Jeff Overley.
Oct 8, 2011   Orange County Register
Huntington Beach is one of a few cities that is weighing the option to purchase its own foreclosed properties, and eventually making them affordable housing.
Dec 18, 2008   Orange County Register
<p>This editorial from the <em>Orange County Register</em> bemoans the urban renewal process proposed in a new specific plan for the city of Santa Ana that some say will gentrify the city's downtown and eliminate many industrial jobs.</p>
Dec 28, 2007   Orange County Register
<p>After about 30 years of organic developments, Little Saigon, also named "the capital of Vietnamese America", is seeking a planning and architecture vision.</p>
Oct 6, 2007   Orange County Register
<p>Despite estimates that the state of California's population will grow to 60 million by 2050, Wendell Cox argues that growth in the state is slowing.</p>
Sep 6, 2007   Orange County Register
<p>Columnist Steven Greenhut argues that Smart Growth ideologies mistakenly treat suburbia as a sin, and examines contracy evidence from a new study on suburban isolation and Wendell Cox's book, "War on the Dream."</p>
Dec 12, 2006   Orange County Register
Wendell Cox weighs the true costs over the reported costs of creating a high speed train system for cities between San Diego and Sacramento. He offers opposition to a very expensive and likely underused project.
Jun 16, 2006   Orange County Register
Jack Eidt argues that the best way to combat sprawl in Orange County, California is to embrace New Urbanism.
Jul 7, 2005   Orange County Register
Orange County Register columnist Steven Greenhut lashes out against New Urbanist who consider successful Orange County the poster child for sprawl.
Jun 27, 2005   Orange County Register
At the Congress for the New Urbanism Conference in Pasadena, arguments were made for both sides of the issue on sprawl in greater Los Angeles.
Jun 14, 2005   Orange County Register
The Orange County Register analyzes FBI crime statistics and ranks the safest cities in the nation.
Jun 9, 2005   Orange County Register